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Now, Acorn Private is proud to offer the following restaurant and franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs with passion for success.

Acorn Private Funds, LLC, a Washington Limited Liability Company, was formed in 2022 with a mission to provide business consulting and financial solutions to small and medium sized businesses. After a joint venture partnership with Mr. Seo and Mrs. Lee, experienced & successful business owners/operators in the food industry, Acorn Private Funds, LLC has expanded the services to include restaurant businesses.

Acorn Private Funds, LLC continues to provide effective business consultations and financial solutions to small and medium sized businesses with variety of lending options. Acorn’s mission statement is to become the top tiered business consulting and lending company with unique and proven operations, finance and credit solutions tailored to meet small and medium sized businesses’ financing needs.

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Hangry Joe’s Hot Chicken & Wings

Nashville-style hot chicken franchise.

Acorn Private Funds, LLC has the exclusive Area Representative rights for Hangry Joe’s franchise in ​WA, OR, HI and AK markets

Softer Ice Cream

Taiyaki soft ice cream shop is currently operating in Anchorage, AK with 2nd

location opening soon in Maui, HI, followed by stores in Washington State

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Hangry Joe’s Hot Chicken & Wings

Welcome to Hangry Joe’s, the rapidly-growing Nashville-style chicken franchise with presence from the

East to the West Coast as well as Dubai and Korea. Featuring the signature Nashville-style chicken

sandwich, our premise is simple: to offer our customers the best chicken sandwich in town and an

unforgettable experience to enjoy with friends and family.

Born from a rich heritage of culinary excellence and a passion for bringing people together, Hangry Joe’s

Hot Chicken & Wings is a testament to a journey of flavor that transcends borders. Hangry Joe’s have

taken the classic Nashville hot chicken and turned it up a notch, serving up the ultimate chicken

sandwich while infusing the technics of Korean fried chicken. Experience the sizzle and excitement

erupting with each bite of the spicy chicken. For the bold, each bite takes you on a journey from mild

serenity to fiery furry.

Hangry Joe’s mission is to spice up lives with the delectable hot chicken and weave the community’s

fabric tighter with every shared meal. If you have a passion for serving up mouthwatering hot chicken and ​creating unforgettable dining experiences, then you've come to the right place. Discover the Thrilling World of ​Hangry Joe's Franchise Opportunities! Are you ready to take charge of your own hot chicken sensation? Join our ​flock of successful franchise owners and embark on an exciting journey to owning your very own Hangry Joe's

location. With our proven business model, extensive support, and mouthwatering menu, you'll have all

the ingredients for a cluckin' good success story.

Softer, currently, is a locally owned ice cream business offering customers soft-serve ice cream in

numerous flavors in Anchorage, AK with the 2nd store opening soon in Maui, HI, followed by Washington

stores. The unique presentation of soft-serve ice cream using taiyaki (fish) shaped waffles and flavorful

ice cream, making it a delightful and refreshing treat for all ages. The appeal of Softer ice cream on

taiyaki waffle lies in its combination of warm, crispy pastry and cold, soft, creamy ice cream. The

contrast between the two temperatures and textures create delightful sensation in the mouth, making it

one of the most favored deserts. Not to mention the fish-shaped waffle cone design adding to its charm

and makes it a visually appealing dessert.

Taiyaki was created in Japan during the late 19th century and was introduced to Korea in 1930 and it

quickly became a beloved street food in Japan and Korea. Now, the addition of ice cream as a filling has

only furthered its popularity worldwide.

Softer’s soft-serve ice cream and taiyaki waffles cones are made from the highest quality ingredients and

its taiyaki waffles are made fresh on-site and soft-serve ice cream is produced and churned to deliver

soft, pure ice cream with a creamy, and delicious flavor.

Softer’s menu is comprised of

• Soft-serve ice cream served on cups, taiyaki waffle cones or on upside-down taiyaki waffle cones.

• Taiyaki (fish shaped waffles) filled with choice of filling.

• Snow Bowl, a milk based Korean shaved ice with choice of flavors.

• Soft serve shakes, bubble teas and other drinks

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